Steps in Die Casting

Steps in Die Casting. What is Die Casting? How are die cast parts made?

Die Casting is a process which involves the filling of liquefied metals onto a mold cavity under a certain degree of pressure. The metals are ejected from the mold once they are solidified. This process is used by many companies in supplying the growing demand for precision metals.

The mass production of molded metal parts is preferred by most metal fabricators and electronics manufacturers because high volume products are made in less than no time. Also, the parts are manufactured with precise dimensions.

The stages of producing die cast metals go in a cycle. Die casting manufacturing companies generally apply the following steps in molding metals.

To start with, the mold is attached to the machine, usually a set of two-halves die, so that a hollow interior can hold a liquefied metal substance when they are put together.

Step 1

The machine mechanically separates the die casting mold in two parts, exposing its hollow interiors. It shall contain nothing if the machine has not yet commenced the production process. If it is in the middle of the production, it shall contain a hardened metal.

Step 2

A lubricant is sprayed onto the interiors of the mold. If it is in the middle of the production process, the hardened metal part must first be removed. The two half molds are then put back together.

Step 3

Through a heat resistant ladle, the aluminum substance is automatically poured into a shot cylinder.

Step 4

The substance is then ejected into the mold under a required degree of pressure, where it is allowed to harden.

Step 5

Once the liquid substance transforms to its solid form, taking the shape of the mold, the machine automatically separates the two half molds. The metal part is released and the cycle starts again.

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