Pressure Die Casting Cast Aluminum Parts for Music vs Sand Casting

Pressure Die Casting Cast Aluminum Parts for Music vs Sand Casting. Pressure die casting is a method used by manufacturers of aluminum parts for musical instruments and gadgets. The process involves melting aluminum and pressure-injecting this into steel molds. The aluminum in the mold is then left to dry and harden. When it has set, the mold is removed to reveal the desired shape of the component. The finished products of pressure die casting are characterized by absence of joints or seams where components are joined through welding or fastening. In addition, it also produces music parts that are accurate in terms of measurement, dimensions and design. As a result, when they are installed into the music equipment where they should be, they produce high-quality output and can withstand longer periods of use.

In contrast, sand casting is a process whereby metal, including aluminum is melted and poured into a mold. Instead of using steel mold, however, this process uses a mold made of either natural or synthetic sand. The mold forms a cavity that shapes the molten metal. Unlike in pressure die casting, metal is not pressure-injected, but simply poured into the sand mold because the sand mold is not too stable to handle the pressure. As a result, the quality of the resulting music parts is not exceptional, as there may be impurities or air bubbles in the finished product. Also, because sand is by nature volatile, a lower degree of accuracy can also be expected.

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