Parker Hannifin: Parker Actuators Now Available with Standard Gearhead Options

Irwin, PA, July 20, 2009 – Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces that its Bayside brand of Gen II gearheads are now available as a standard option on its Daedal brand of HPLA and HLE positioners.

After achieving more than one million cycles under thorough, rigorous testing conditions, Parker’s PS, PV and PX gearheads are now standard options on the Daedal HPLA and HLE series of belt-driven positioners. The highest-quality solution is now available as a standard configurable part number within each product of the belt drive series.

Parker Hannifin die casting parts.

This new option means shorter lead times, fewer components, Brackets, and less complexity (since there’s no need for additional bearing supports for the motor pulley).

“With the Parker Bayside gearheads now included in the HPLA configurable, the lead time for a total Parker solution has decreased significantly,” says Ben Furnish, product manager for Daedal’s linear products. “It also makes for a lower-cost solution. The Gen II gearheads are strong enough for direct-drive, unsupported pulleys, which reduces the overall system price.”

The HPLA can move loads 50 meters, while the HLE actuator has a 20-meter range. Both the HPLA and HLE actuators handle speeds up 5 meters per second, loads to 1,600 kg and generate up to 5,500 N of thrust force.

Additional HPLA/HLE features include:

· Nominal drive torque up to 244Nm

· Repeatability up to ± 0.05mm

· High degree of mechanical efficiency

· Independent multiple carriages can be used on one linear actuator for rack-and-pinion drive

Bayside’s Gen II PS, PV and PX gearheads feature high torque, high efficiency and quiet operation.

For more information on this new standard option, please visit parkermotion.com.


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