NLRB complaint from Quad City Die Casting

The union representing about 80 workers at Quad-City Die Casting in Moline, which is scheduled to shut down later this month, filed charges this morning with the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, claiming that the company is denying benefits owed to them.

“The company informed employees that Wells Fargo would not approve the expenditure of owed vacation pay. In addition, they have refused to comply with a 2 percent wage increase due the employees under their legally binding collective bargaining agreement, pay a floating holiday, and they have eliminated health insurance coverage,” United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, or UE, Local 1174, said in a news release.

Wells Fargo issued a statement this afternoon saying that it is not involved in making decisions about the day-to-day finances and operations of Quad-City Die Casting, and referred operational questions to the company’s management, which has declined comment.

Quad-City Die had said it will close July 12, putting nearly 100 people out of work. However, Leah Fried, a UE organizer, said employees have been informed that layoffs will be delayed and with the current workload, the company expects to remain in operation until the end of August.

Quad-City Die is owned by Drew Debrey, the company president. His father, Andrew Debrey, founded the company in 1949.

Fried said the contract called for the wage increase to take effect in June. Although the plant is closing, she said the wage differential “affects their unemployment. It is money owed to them.”

In addition, she said the company has cancelled health insurance and instead given workers lump sums of cash. In addition, she said, the company is refusing to pay medical bills that occurred prior to the health benefits being cancelled.

Fried said the NLRB now will investigate the charges and determine whether they have merit.

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