Methods for making Aluminum Automotive Parts

Methods for making Aluminum Auto Parts. Every single day, thousands of auto parts are made and produced by different auto companies: Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and more. Many automotive parts are manufactured by net shape to save costs on additional labor and wasted materials. The metal aluminum is often used for car parts or auto parts for they are only a third of the weight of steel parts. Machining holes into the aluminum during production is easier. Indeed, aluminum proved to be the better metal compared to other metals because of its many beneficial properties.

To create aluminum automotive parts, the metal has to first undergo the die casting manufacturing process. First, the aluminum is being liquefied. The liquid metal will then be injected into the molds to take up the shape as dictated by the mold. Around 1,500 PSI to 30,000 PSI is applied, so that the liquid is forced into the mold perfectly. This will ensure accuracy in its dimensions. Afterward, the molds are set aside to cool and once open, the aluminum automotive parts are perfectly finished.

The end result of this method is extraordinarily amazing: accurate dimensions and great surface finish. Parts can be remade with equal standard and consistency each time.

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