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Our customer recently sent us a die casting tool to produce die casting parts. He recently experienced a reject from his customer and he needed our help.

Honeywell Aerospace (aerospace company) uses a quality inspection document, EMS 230, to accept or reject high pressure die casting parts. Our customer supplied die casting parts to Honeywell and these castings were rejected for “Cold Shots”.

Cold Shots are imperfections in the metal flow into die casting parts due to the metal freezing or solidifying prior to the metal filling the die casting cavity. It usually happens when the metal flow is limited or the metal is not the proper temperature or the die casting mold is not the proper temperature. As a great quality die casting company, we solve these issues every week. We control the metal temperature with thermocouples and we control the die temperature in our die casting process.

It can also happen if the die casting tooling or the die casting part is poorly designed. The die casting process needs metal to flow rapidly into the die casting tool to make solid die casting parts. Design of the tool or part can limit that fluid process.

This is what happened in this case:

* The die casting tooling gates into a section of the die casting part of about 0.030″ thick wall thickness. This is thinner than recommended for the metal to flow into the die casting. This restricts the metal flow.
* There are sections of the die casting that are over .200″ thick. Consistent wall thicknesses are critical for sound die castings.
* The prior die casting company added overflows and vents that worked against each other by filling the tool from two or three directions. These gates, vents and overflows created turbulence in the shot process which cause the metal to cool prematurely.

What did Kinetic Die Casting Company do for our new customer?
* We made some fast tooling changes to improve the metal flow in the die casting tool.
* We made great quality die casting parts for our new customer.
* We did this in less than three weeks for our happy customer.

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