How Are Aluminum Heat Sinks Die Castings Made?

How Are Aluminum Heat Sinks Die Castings Made? Heat sinks are used to reduce or remove heat from electrical appliances. Essentially, these heat sinks are used to prevent appliances from overheating and breaking down. Currently, more and more heat sinks are being made with aluminum die castings because aluminum is able to better diffuse heat from electronic applications or appliances and thereby dissipates heat more effectively. Additionally, aluminum heat sinks’ die castings are durable and electrically conductive. The electrically conductive property of aluminum heat sinks benefits manufacturers because aluminum heat sinks’ die castings are cheaper to produce since they do not need added copper plating. Also, the aluminum parts can be electrically grounded and are used for EMI and RF shielding. Another benefit to manufacturers when using aluminum is that the metal is very abundant and can be easily extracted from the earth’s crust.

Aluminum heat sinks’ die castings are produced by first melting the aluminum. Once the aluminum is melted, the liquid metal is then injected into molds, which will give the aluminum new shapes. Afterwards, the molds are cooled for a while to allow the aluminum to harden. When the molds are cool enough, they are opened to reveal new heat sinks. The die casting method for manufacturing aluminum heat sinks is the best way to produce heat sinks in bulk because it is a reliable, fast, and cheap method.

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