For Large Industries: The Process of High Pressure Die Casting

For Large Scale Industries: The Process of High Pressure Die Casting. The process of high pressure die casting is popular among large scale production lines. It is considered as one of the most cost effective and fastest metal working process, when compared to forging, sand casting and other types of machining. Traditional die casting is also called high pressure die casting because the molten metal is forced into the mold cavity by using high pressure.

The mold cavity is formed by two halves. They are the cover die and the ejector die. The section where the two halves meet is called the parting line. During casting, molten metal is injected between the dies. The metal is allowed to flow through an opening in the cover die half. High pressure, between 10 to 175 mPa, is maintained until the molten metal solidifies. This process of high pressure die casting ensures uniform solidification of the final product. Hence, it produces uniform work pieces with high yield strength. There are two types of the method: cold chamber and hot chamber casting. The choice depends on the melting point of the metal. For example, zinc and aluminum alloys can only be processed in cold-chamber environments.

The process of high pressure die casting has many applications, ranging from the toy industry to automotive and computers. The technique also minimizes, if not totally eliminates, post-machining like sanding or grinding. Therefore, there are less post-production costs. However, this technique is only recommended for large scale businesses. The initial cost of construction of dies, due to painstaking details and strength, is relatively higher than other machining processes.

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