Examples of Die Casting Aluminum Parts

Examples of Die Casting Aluminum Parts. Aluminum is a very common light weight metal that is found in almost all of the things we use every day. At home, in different modes of transportation, in small and big things, there is aluminum. As it has many combinations and useful properties, aluminum is a great candidate for die casting.

Die casting is a process wherein you make metallic parts by pressuring molten metal into a mold. There are many examples of die casting aluminum parts that are commonly used in our daily lives. It can be as mundane as a door handle or as complicated as an automotive part. Here is a list of examples of die casting aluminum parts that you may not know:

There are aluminum parts made by die casting that is found in aircrafts. Some of these aircrafts include the B-52H BUFF and the F-117A Nighthawk Attack Fighter.

Door handles and faucet handles are mostly composed of die casted aluminum parts. Many prefer aluminum for architecture aesthetics because of its good finish and good weight to strength ratio.

Golf clubs are also made by casting aluminum for a lighter but still sturdy club.
– Aluminum parts are also popular in the house lighting industry because of the metal’s conductivity of electricity and light weight.

Nowadays, aluminum roof tile molds are also being considered by many roofing tile construction firms for house construction.

The die casting industry is prominent all over the world, as there are many applications for the parts that they produce (as seen in some of the examples of die casting aluminum parts mentioned above).

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