Employee Free Choice Act – A Limitation on Workers Rights

Employee Free Choice Act – A Limitation on Workers Rights. NADCA strongly urges you to contact your Senator and House Representative – express your opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, a card check legislation that would effectively eliminate workers’ rights to a private ballot when deciding to form a union.

Under this proposed legislation, a union would be able to force an employer to recognize it based merely on a collection of signed cards, called a card-check. During the card-check process, employees are asked to sign cards that indicate support of a union in front of union organizers, their fellow employees and sometimes their employer. This is a process that invites intimidation and coercion and ultimately leads to widespread disenfranchisement of workers by eliminating their right to a secret ballot. This is most certainly not a step in the right direction.

The National Labor Relations Board already has strict procedures to ensure fair private ballot elections, free of employer or union coercion. These existing procedures are no threat to unions; they lead to swift and fair elections. Most elections are held within 56 days, and labor unions prevail 55 percent of the time.

NADCA advocates and strongly advises its members to oppose any card check legislation should it come to the floor of the Senate in the 111th Congress. Secret ballots elections are the foundation of America’s democratic process and workers deserve no less.

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