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Die Casting Molds. Perhaps the most important tool used in die casting is the different Die Casting Molds used. These molds are responsible in shaping the molten metal which is placed in them. They mold the metal into the desired shape of the manufacturer. But, what is die casting any way?

Die casting is a metalworking process that is best used by manufacturers to create a large quantity of small sized to medium sized parts in a short amount of time. This is done first by melting the metal, usually non ferrous metals such as aluminum, lead, magnesium or zinc among others, then forcing them into the Die Casting Molds. The molds are then machined into dies to create the parts and complete the process.

The machines responsible for machining these molds in dies are known as hot chambered die casting machines and cold chambered die casting machines. The hot chambered machines can accomplish the task with fewer cycles involved in the process; in other words it can accomplish the task faster compared to a cold chambered machine. The latter is used by manufacturers in cases where in the hot chambered machine cannot accommodate the alloy being used. They complete the task slower because the metal needs to be melted in a separate furnace and the time it takes to transfer them into the machine makes the difference.

The Die Casting Molds used in these machines can be rather expensive. They are built from hardened metal and could cost as much as several thousand dollars.

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