Die Cast Boxes

Why Use Aluminum Die Cast Boxes? Most electronic components would need to be protected by a box that could keep away outside factors like dust, water, moisture, or sudden impact. Aluminum Boxes are the suitable enclosures for such items.

These die cast boxes are made from aluminum die castings and they have die cast lids too. They can also be fitted with die cast covers that can be screwed in place to seal the item away from anything that could damage it.

Aluminum die cast boxes are used as natural ground for electrical components. Since aluminum conducts electricity, the die cast boxes are also used as the grounding planes for the electronic items being kept.

Many die casting companies use these die cast boxes for RF/EMI shielding too. The boxes used are still made using aluminum die-casting. RF (Radio Frequency) or EMI (Electrical Magnetic Inductance) shielding are means of protection or shielding against radio waves and frequencies that may interfere with the electronic components in the die cast box. The box keeps these outside frequencies away from the its content.

As an RF/EMI shield, the aluminum box is electrically conductive and can disperse and absorb any of the outside frequencies and thus, protect the electronic component that is kept inside it.

The aluminum die cast boxes can also be used as enclosures for engine compartments, computer components, computer disk drives, communication devices, motors, car transmission, or electrical junction boxes.

Aside from the natural conductivity of aluminum, it is a choice of die cast manufacturers for their enclosure needs because aluminum die cast parts weigh less than 1/3 the weight of steel parts. That could be more cost effective and it allows easier transport of items.

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