Customization in Die Castings – Consumer Parts

Customization in Die Castings – Consumer Parts. Almost everything that we see, which has a metallic look, probably went through a die casting process. This is a proof that the industry of Die Casting is still strong despite of the global financial crisis. The success is probably because Die Casted items are stronger and much more durable compared to welded and drilled items.

Currently, there are several die casting companies that offer customization of die casted parts to other businesses. This is called Consumer Parts Die Castings. The alloys that will be used, the design, size and weight and the specifications usually come from the consumer or the customer. One of the many industries that ask for this kind of service is the Aviation Industry, and next to it is the Construction Industry. Consumer Parts Die Castings are typically Die Casted in aluminum, zinc, special marine alloys and aluminum.

There are also some Die Casting companies that use SLA or Stereo Lithography to give their consumers an idea of how the parts work, how they move and what are its functions. Any questions that come out from the consumers head will be answered with the use of the Stereo Lithography.

The most requested alloy used in Consumer Parts Die Castings is the aluminum because of its light characteristic and it is doesn’t get rusty unlike other alloys. Also, it is much simpler to die cast, and it has dimensional stability as well as having excellent mechanical qualities.

It is hard to tell when the popularity of Die Casting started, but one thing is for sure; the Die Casting industry will remain strong for as long as technology keeps on evolving.

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