Cold and Hot Chamber Casting for Motor Vehicle Die Cast Parts

Cold and Hot Chamber Casting for Motor Vehicle Die Cast Parts. Die Casting is an important process in the metal working industry. Do you that most of the parts of your car are motor vehicle die cast parts? Depending on the type of metal used for that automotive part, either cold chamber or hot chamber is casting to machine them. The products include sprockets, rods and gears. Basically, die casting is performed by injecting molten metal into a cavity. The cavity is the shape formed by two dies. Then, this is applied with pressures up to 175 MegaPascals until the metal solidifies. The effects are high yield strength and resistivity to multi-directional fatigue.

Naturally, customers want their automotive parts to be cheap, durable and with a high quality finish. These specifications are easily achieved through automated high pressure die casting. Most of the detailed aluminum parts are motor vehicle die cast parts. Traditionally, sand casting is used to shape car parts. However, sand casting is limited to one piece per mold. Usually, the sand mold is destroyed after one product solidifies. Hence, there are higher production times and costs.

Cold and hot chamber casting for automotive industry solve these problems. It resulted in higher production times and lower post-machining. Pressure die casting results into high yield and smooth finish, which requires little sanding or grinding. Cold processes work on high temperature melting metals, like aluminum and zinc. Hot chamber processes involve weaker metals that can be shaped into gears or one-piece gear trains. Motor vehicle die cast parts have high tensile strengths and are perfect for motors and transmission.

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