Business Measurements

American Businesses who have introduced performance management cultures into their organizations have been found to have higher profits and stronger market performance. Performance management is the terminology being used in industry today to measure performance against business goals and employee competencies. If what these ”facilitators of change” are “selling” is not clearly defined in terms of measurable performance markers or proven sustainable outcomes, then their deliverables are of little use to an organization that is looking for that which can be clearly measured.

Businesses are measuring everything from employees skill levels, how many complaints they receive in a given week to how many sick days does an employee take in a given month if they are engaged in regular exercise and if they are not. Think about this for a moment. If the person you hired to speak cannot report measurable business performance outcomes for their business performance or business training program then this may be where the crux of the problem lies. How can you notice that which you did not plan for? Do you know what success means to you, what it looks like? When it comes to measuring your performance outcomes it is very important that both the business and the facilitator know exactly what deliverables they are looking for and how BOTH of you are going to know if they have been met.

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