Auto Manufacturing in 2021

The auto manufacturing industry has been using aluminum auto parts for many years now, Aluminum Auto Parts Reduce Car Weight by Half. Most of the cars that have been produced in the last few years have parts that have been made from aluminum die castings. These aluminum parts include valve covers, aluminum alloy wheels, carburetors, and some specialty aluminum hardware components.

The concept was already afloat in the 1960s when car parts were made out of metal sheets that can be stretched five times more that those formed by standard techniques in molding. This made a conclusion that aluminum is a more cost-effective material in manufacturing auto parts.

Auto makers are aware that they will easily be able to shape aluminum auto parts as techniques are being developed. Auto parts made out of aluminum would be lighter and therefore, be more fuel-efficient. The problem is that the aluminum often tears whenever they are stamped into shape. An automobile body’s weight can be reduced to half if aluminum will be used instead of steel. However, aluminum is still quite hard to form and shape.

Scientists have developed a process that combines the traditional metal stamping processes with electromagnetic forming technology. This hybrid of a technology can then produce excellent auto parts without the aluminum getting torn in the process. The tool stamps the general shape of the automotive part while the electromagnetic pulses are in charge of helping form and refine the details.

With studies being conducted nonstop to perfect the processing of aluminum without tearing it, soon more and more aluminum auto parts will be incorporated in newly manufactured cars.

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