Aluminum Heat Sinks for Your Convenience

Aluminum Heat Sinks for Your Convenience. Aluminum heat sinks have the ability to absorb and disperse heat from another object through thermal contact since aluminum has good electrical and thermal properties. This amazing characteristic makes aluminum heat sinks ideal for cooling purposes. An aluminum heat sink is a piece of molded aluminum usually placed on top of a processor. In most cases, you would first have to remove the heat sink before you would be able to see the processor.

Wherever a need for effective heat dispersal exists, there will undoubtedly be aluminum heat sinks installed. Refrigeration is the foremost industry that employs the use of heat sinks. The aluminum heat sinks produced these days come in various shapes, forms and sizes. The standard heat sink though, contains long fins and thin protruding extensions for directing the heat coming from the processor to the cooler setting inside the heat sink. Majority of today’s heat sinks available in the market are furnished with fans that blow cool air towards the fins to disperse the heat more efficiently. These fans are usually situated on top or in the middle of the fins.

Die Cast Aluminum Heat Sinks are designed in such a way that less machining is necessary. The production rate averages from 250 to 2,500 heat sink parts a day. Another great think with aluminum heat sinks is that they are completely lighter than their stainless steel equivalents, having a specific gravity of 0.10 pounds per cubic inch. They are also easily grounded since aluminum is electrically conductive.

Aluminum heat sinks are used in cell phones, motor housings, circuit boards, refrigerators, airplane parts, satellite components, automotive, lighting parts, microwaves, etc.

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