Aluminum Die Casting Everywhere

Aluminum Die Casting Everywhere. Aluminum is turning out to be one of the most important metals in this age of modern industry. It has a lot of uses. One of them is as material for die casting parts. A cursory inventory will show us aluminum castings in a wide range of industries, from the automotive industry, the communications industry, the aircraft manufacturing industry, the computer industry, the consumer electronics industry, and the communications industry. A more detailed catalog of aluminum castings to be found around us would include lights and streetlamp housing, lawnmower gear, instrument cases, electronic gadget cases, cooking utensils, automotive parts, airplane parts, outboard motor, aluminum lighting parts.

Aluminum and metal castings in general can be produced by the processes of plaster casting, continuous casting, investment casting, sand casting, permanent mold casting, and die casting. The versatility of aluminum makes this material suitable for all of the metal processing methods mentioned here, but the die cast method is the most common method for aluminum castings. The die casting process entails the melting of the metal, then injecting it into a die cast mold, but not before applying a separating medium on the mold, then cooling the molten metal to harden it. Once it hardens, it takes the shape of the die mold. Next is the process of extracting the product from the mold. The whole thing from start to finish might take only a few seconds on a die tooling machine. The whole process is then repeated on and on. This is how the world is being supplied with aluminum die castings.

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