Aluminum Alloys for Kinetic Die Castings

Aluminum Alloys for Die Castings. Aluminum die casting alloys are metals produced from a combination of two or more metallic elements bearing characteristics applicable to various precision parts. These materials are often used in different industries like electronics, automobile parts, aerospace, appliances, furniture and fixtures, etc.

Below is a list of different kinds of aluminum alloys used by many die casting manufacturing companies.


When high corrosion resistance is the main consideration in producing metal parts, aluminum alloy A360 is used. With shear strength measured at 28 ksi and Tensile Yield Strength at 25 ksi, this alloy definitely absorbs great amount of pressure. At increasing temperature, this alloy demonstrates superior strength. This however is quite difficult to cast and more expensive than A380 alloy. This is the second most common die casting alloy used to produce metal parts like automobile products.


This is the most common and the least expensive from among aluminum alloys for die casting, so much so that it is the most widely cast of all the aluminum alloys available. It has the ultimate combination of material properties applicable to automotive parts, engine brackets, cases of transmission and gears, home and office appliances, hand and power tools, electronics and communications equipment and furniture and fixtures.


Because this aluminum alloy is related to Alloy A380, it is also offered as an alternative to the said Alloy. Although it costs higher compared to Alloy A380, its capabilities goes beyond polished finish. It is used to cast metals with intricate components. It offers high resistance to forces at elevated temperatures.


This is the lightest aluminum alloy with high level of hardness, highest level of thermal and electrical conductivity compared to other aluminum alloys. It is the best choice when choosing parts for hydraulic cylinders and pressure vessels.

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