Airplane Bracket Castings

Spotting Bracket Die Castings in several very different locations is interesting. While I was traveling in a Boeing 747-700 Airplane I discovered that the “Seat-Back Tray-Table” is held up using by two aluminum die casting parts as Bracket Castings. These bracket castings were attached to the seat back of the seat in front and to a plastic tray table. These aluminum bracket die castings are painted white to match their surroundings. These aluminum brackets are strong enough to hold a laptop or a plate of food or even the hands of someone working a puzzle or a book. These brackets are strong because they are designed using geometry that gives the bracket casting strength with corner radii and ribs and gussets.

Aluminum Die Casting Airplane Parts are very common. Most airplanes are made from aluminum as the metal of choice. Aluminum die castings are lightweight and strong.
Aluminum Bracket
Bracket Castings on Boeing 747-700 Airplane

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