Keeping it Cool–Aluminum Heatsinks 2021

Keeping it cool – Aluminum Heatsinks. A lot number of products currently in the market and currently in production today make use of parts known as Aluminum Heatsinks. These heat sinks are used in many appliances and electronic devices today and their main purpose is to remove or divert the heat generated by the electric current going through the wires or by other components of the product. This is placed so that the more important components of the machine will not be affected by the heat and would function normally.

Ideally, aluminum is used for this because of its characteristics. First and foremost, it is one of the most strong and durable materials. It is a fact that aluminum is just as strong if not stronger than steel. Secondly, it is one third of the weight of steel, this is important so that the Aluminum Heat sinks will not add too much weight on the product. It is also flexible, easy to use and very cheap as it can be mined almost anywhere. Lastly, aluminum can be used in die casting.

A popular method of mass producing parts and other products is known as die casting. This method of manufacturing starts with liquefying the aluminum by exposing it in intense heat. The resulting liquefied material is then placed into molds. These molds will give the aluminum its new shape once it has cooled down and hardened back to its solid state. After doing some finishing touches and fine tuning of the product, the results are identical, high quality Aluminum Heatsinks.

Kinetic Die Casting is a Los Angeles die casting company that manufactures aluminum and zinc parts. If you would like more information, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

Aluminum Heatsinks

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Good Friday and Easter 2021

Kinetic Die Casting Company hopes everyone has a great holiday this weekend. Hoping everyone has a Good Friday and a Happy Easter. Christians believe that Jesus died on Friday (Good Friday) and arose from the dead on Sunday (Easter Sunday). Good Friday and Easter are not observed today as it was in the past. Many Easter traditions still exist.

Easter Sunday Services –
Many Christians go to church on Easter Sunday to honor Christ rising from the grave. Many of these church services are a “Sunrise Service”. Easter is one of the days that many Christians feel they need to be in church.

Easter Eggs –
easter eggs
Kids enjoy the Easter egg hunts using Easter baskets and the chocolate bunnies. Many adults enjoy eating the chocolate bunny ears and watching the young kids scramble for the eggs. Some adults and older children color real eggs to hide or give away. Some plastic eggs contain money or jelly beans.

Easter Meals –
Some families have a special meal or special bread that is prepared on Easter Sunday. This is typically a individual family tradition. Many families feel that their traditions maintain their family unity and identity.

Whether your family has a tradition or not, we hope that you enjoy time with your family this weekend.

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Heatsink Damage

Heat Sinks prevent damage to circuits. If you open your computer processing unit, you will find a component that sits on top of your circuit board. This is the heat sink die casting and it contributes a lot in making things work more efficiently inside the machine. Aluminum heat sink die castings are important because they keep things cool to avoid any damage that may be caused by too much heat.

A die casting heat sink is a molded piece of aluminum die casting that can draw the heat away from a processor or source. It does its job by exchanging energies with the source. The process is called thermal contact. Heat sink die castings are widely used in systems or machines that require effective and efficient heat dissipation. Aluminum Die Casting Heat Sinks Keep Machines Working Efficiently.

In the case of refrigeration, there is a process involving the removal of heat from the enclosed space. This heat is rejected and shifted somewhere, and that’s where the heat sinks come in.

Heat sink die castings are very useful in the thermal management of various electronic devices and systems. Since heat is generated by the electronic devices and the circuitries, this heat must be dissipated so that the machine will stay reliable and to prevent any premature failure or damage.

Aluminum heat sink die castings are very light and have a specific gravity of about 0.10 pounds per cubic inch. Aluminum die casting has other several properties that make it a very good material for manufacturing heat sinks. For one, it is electrically conductive without being magnetic. They can be used as natural grounds for the electronic components that may be getting interferences from outside frequencies.

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Last Week of Valentines Special 2021

Final week of our 2021 Valentine’s Day Homemade Almond Roca Candy for Purchase Orders Special. Our Valentine’s Day Almond Roca Special is open to all our customers. For every purchase order (PO) for parts or die casting tooling we receive the buyer will receive a half pound bag of our world famous Almond Roca Candy. If anyone sends two purchase orders, they will receive two bags of candy and they send three POs they will receive three bags. Customers can request production parts delivery on their purchase order from eight (8) weeks up to 18 weeks.

Email us your purchase orders to ( or additional POs to add your name to our list the next week.

As of this week, List of Almond Roca Bags to Recipients:

01. Cathleen C.
04. Jennifer B.
07. Cathleen C.
10. Rodolfo A.
13. Michael G.
16. Jennifer B.
19. Johnny G.
22. Cathleen C.
25. Daniel R.
02. Annie W.
05. Peggy D.
08. Joana M.
11. Nancy J.
14. Warren K.
17. Robert G.
20. George G.
23. Nancy C.
26. Peggy D.
03. Ryan S.
06. Joana M.
09. Steve W.
12. Peggy D.
15. Sue S.
18. Keith F.
21. Amir S.
24. Greta S.
27. Terry T.

Our Homemade Almond Roca Special ends on March 31, 2021 to qualify for the free candy. If you have never received our yummy homemade candy, now is the time to get some, by placing purchase orders you need to place anyway.

almond roca
(homemade almond roca candy)

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Aluminum Housings or Aluminum Boxes 2021

Aluminum Housings or Aluminum Boxes are electrically conductive and can be easily be electrically grounded. Aluminum box enclosures can be manufactured with the mounting holes necessary for set up circuit boards and covers or lids to the enclosures to seal from humidity and damage to the components constructed. Die Casting Aluminum enclosures work well with die casting aluminum heatsink parts to remove and dispel heat from components.

Die Casting Aluminum Housings or Aluminum Boxes

Die cast box parts do not need welded seams, so they usually look better. Depending on the size and weight of the parts, Aluminum boxes, aluminum enclosures and aluminum housings die casting parts can be made at the rate of a few hundred to a few thousand parts each day. Aluminum Box Enclosures or Aluminum Box Housings Parts are easily powdercoated.

To get a price for aluminum die casting parts or die casting tooling, call toll free 800-524-8083 and ask for sales. Or email us at E-mail for a fast response on a price quote.

Die Casting Metal Flow Video.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures custom metal parts to their customer. If you would like more information about Kinetic Die Casting, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company


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