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Here is a comparison of aluminum parts and zinc parts:

Die Casting Tooling
A die casting mold made for an aluminum part runs in a cold chamber die casting machine. The die casting alloys aluminum and zinc both run in a cold chamber die casting machine. So if the die casting mold is made for aluminum, it will produce parts in zinc or aluminum. A zinc hot chamber die will not make parts in aluminum.

Die Casting Part Weight
Although an aluminum die casting mold will make parts in zinc or aluminum, the cost of the zinc parts will be higher. By volume, zinc materials weigh about twice as much as aluminum alloys. The costs per pound of the two die casting alloys are almost equal, so the cost for zinc parts is significantly higher than the cost for aluminum parts.

Electrical Conductivity
Aluminum is the third most electrically conductive metal after gold and copper. Therefore, aluminum is the better choice for EMI/RF shielding and for electrical grounding. Zinc rates far below aluminum in electrical conductivity.

Thermal Conductivity
Most electrical heat sinks are produced in aluminum alloy because it is superior to zinc alloy in thermal conductivity.

Aluminum is the most recycled metal in the world. All aluminum die casting alloys are made from recycled aluminum products.

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Why are Aluminum Die Casting Parts better than Zinc Diecast Parts

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