Apr 242017

The most popular roof protection is concrete roof tiles. Concrete Roof Tiles have become easier to get because of the technological advancements made by manufacturers that create concrete roof tiles for consumers. For over a hundred years, concrete roof tiles have been considered one of the best options. Today, concrete roof tiles are a smart alternative to clay roof tiles and asphalt roofing. In fact, there are multiple designs and colors that you can choose from. Therefore, because of technology concrete roof tiles have become more and more popular.

Concrete roof tiles are oftentimes more beautiful and cheaper than other roofing materials. Here are some of the concrete roofing tile benefits:

Long Lasting

Since your roof tiles have a concrete base, it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Historically, concrete tiles have lasted for over forty to fifty years.


As stated above, concrete roof tiles have different colors and designs to choose from. You can even copy the look of clay, slate and wood roofs using concrete roof tiles.

Low Maintenance:

Since you rarely need to replace concrete roofing tiles, the maintenance is very low. Generally you would only need to replace the affected tiles rather than the whole roof. This effectively cuts down the cost of upkeep to your roof.

Fire Resistant:

Did you know that concrete roofing tiles are fire resistant? They can withstand extreme heat and fire.

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Dec 072016

Concrete Roofing – There are many styles of roof tiles for homes. Many times these styles are called flat profile rooftiles, low profile rooftiles and high profile rooftiles. Some are known as Mission Rooftiles, Villa Rooftiles, Slate Rooftiles, Shake Rooftiles, Roman Rooftiles, Double Roman Rooftiles, Estate S-Tile, Espania Rooftiles, Flat Rooftiles or Barrel Rooftiles

Aluminum Molds for Concrete Roofing Tiles

More pictures of concrete roofing tile molds

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes Aluminum Molds for Concrete Roofing Tiles. These molds are purchased by Roofing tile Companies to use to make the concrete tiles for roofs on homes. They produce several thousand roof tiles a day using an extrusion process with a concrete slurry. Aluminum Roofing Tile Molds for Concrete Roofing Tile Industry also called Roofing Tilemolds, Tile Molds or Rooftile Plates are usually made in aluminum or steel. Aluminum roof tile molds weigh less and usually cost less than steel.

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Oct 062014

Behind the Concrete Roof Tiles by Kinetic Die Casting Company. We have produced 100s of thousands of roofing tile molds made using the aluminum die casting process. KDC is located at 6918 Beck Avenue in North Hollywood California 91605. www.kineticdiecasting.com 800-524-8083.

Concrete Rooftile Mold

There are numerous companies that are roofing tile companies. Many of these companies provide high quality parts to the customers. They also help with the roof installation. Out of all those companies, there are a few companies that are responsible in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Below are a few of the international roofing companies that have a great roofing service

Boral Roofing

The largest provider of premium concrete roof tiles throughout the United States is Boral USA. Boral is also recognized as the most sustainable roof tile manufacturer.

CertainTeed Corporation

The leading manufacturer of building materials in North America is CertainTeed Corporation.

Eagle Roofing Products

Eagle Roofing Products is an American-based company that has been in the roofing industry for over forty years. They are well-known for their customer service and the wide range of roofing tiles.

Braas Monier Building Group

This company is the UK’s trusted provider of roofing tiles. However, Braas Monier is a leading supplier of roof tiles for over ninety years world-wide.

The demand for better made roof tiles lead to concrete roofing tile companies to become better and better. Of course there are other manufacturers that produce roof tiles. When looking for a manufacturer, make sure they are licensed. Also, do your homework about the companies.

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