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Kinetic Die Casting Company (www.kineticdc.com) uses software to check Heat Sink Metal Flow into Mold or Die Casting Tooling. Aluminum Heat Sink for the lighting industry. Two cavity aluminum heat sink die casting molds. 818-982-9200 (music provided by YouTube)

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Jun 012016

Golf Products made from Aluminum Die Casting. Golf products are just one of the many things that you can produce with aluminum die casting. This process, known popularly as die casting, involves producing parts made out of strong, cost-efficient, and durable alloys and materials. This is done by forcing molten metal into aluminum or steel die cast molds through high pressure. Interestingly enough, the molds being used can be designed in such a way that they can produce complex shapes that make it more durable, tolerable, and long-lasting. Golf handles, balls, and parts used in golf carts are just some of the golfing equipment that can be made with aluminum die casting.

Because aluminum die casting produces the parts fast and are known to be durable, stable, and can be made into different shapes, most manufacturers of golf products use this method to create their aluminum golf products. Addressing the need to produce golf products that actually improve a player’s game, many companies are now selling aluminum golf products in the market today. Golf players prefer aluminum die castings of their golf products not only because of their cheaper prices but also when molded, shaped, and produced properly, these products can improve their game and lessen their handicaps. Some examples of these golf products are golf ball warmers, the heads of golf clubs, aluminum handles, brackets, and knobs in golf pull carts, and so on and so forth.

Die Casting Heat Sink Part
Die Casting Aluminum Heat Sink Parts

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes aluminum die castings as Die Casting Aluminum Heat Sinks. As a Die Casting Company, we make these parts every day and ship thousands of these aluminum die castings every week.
Contact us to get die casting prices http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/replyform.html.

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605

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Dec 092015

Aluminum Heat Sinks are Die Casted.  Aluminum Heat Sinks have one important purpose, and that is to regulate heat generated by the product it is in. These heat sinks are placed in most electronics and appliances so that the heat from electrical wiring and other parts of the product are diverted from them into the heat sink, thus protecting them from overheating and malfunctioning. In other words, Aluminum Heatsinks provide a very important safety feature for these products. This means that throughout its life span, it will take on a lot of abuse and beating, which is why aluminum is ideal for the job.

Did you know that aluminum is a very tough and durable material? It has been noted that it is comparable to steel in terms of durability. But, when it comes to weight, aluminum weighs just a third of steel of the same size and shape. This makes it ideal for making heat sinks. Also, aluminum can be harvested almost anywhere in the world. This means that it is cheap and easy to acquire. To meet high demands for Aluminum Heat Sinks, the manufacturing process known as die casting is used.

Furthermore, the first step in die casting Aluminum Heatsinks is to liquefy the aluminum bars that are going to be used. Once in their liquid state, they will then be injected into casting molds. These castings give the liquid its new shape. Then, pressure of up to 35,000 pounds per square inch/PSI is applied on the castings. This will let the liquid set in every part of the die cast mold. It will then be set aside to cool and harden. Once opened, the product only requires a few finishing touches and its done.


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Dec 082015

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Here is a comparison of aluminum parts and zinc parts:

Die Casting Tooling
A die casting mold made for an aluminum part runs in a cold chamber die casting machine. The die casting alloys aluminum and zinc both run in a cold chamber die casting machine. So if the die casting mold is made for aluminum, it will produce parts in zinc or aluminum. A zinc hot chamber die will not make parts in aluminum.

Die Casting Part Weight
Although an aluminum die casting mold will make parts in zinc or aluminum, the cost of the zinc parts will be higher. By volume, zinc materials weigh about twice as much as aluminum alloys. The costs per pound of the two die casting alloys are almost equal, so the cost for zinc parts is significantly higher than the cost for aluminum parts.

Electrical Conductivity
Aluminum is the third most electrically conductive metal after gold and copper. Therefore, aluminum is the better choice for EMI/RF shielding and for electrical grounding. Zinc rates far below aluminum in electrical conductivity.

Thermal Conductivity
Most electrical heat sinks are produced in aluminum alloy because it is superior to zinc alloy in thermal conductivity.

Aluminum is the most recycled metal in the world. All aluminum die casting alloys are made from recycled aluminum products.

Thank you for reading our newsletter:
Kinetic Die Casting Company (www.kineticdc.com)
6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood CA 91605
(sales@kineticdc.com) 818-982-9200

To get a competitive price on an aluminum die casting part, click on this link: http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/replyform.html

Why are Aluminum Die Casting Parts better than Zinc Diecast Parts

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Feb 182015

What Are Aluminum Heatsinks? Electronic devices and circuits have revolutionized our way of living in such a manner that no one would have ever imagined. It might seem hard to imagine a day going by without needing to use such devices. Homes, offices, and schools depend so much on them for day-to-day operations.
Aluminum Heatsink Die Casting kineticdc

However great are the benefits that these devices bring, they would never have become possible if not for this tiny component – heatsink. A heatsink is responsible for making electronic devices work for long hours without overheating.

The most common types of heatsinks are aluminum heatsinks. As the name suggests, these types are made up of aluminum alloys. In general, aluminum alloys give higher thermal resistance than other types. Copper heatsinks are said to give better and faster heat conductivity than aluminum heatsinks but they are more expensive. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of aluminum-based heatsinks.

In the passing of time, companies have developed varieties of aluminum-based heatsinks. The most common of them is the 6063-T5. It has an electrical resistivity of 3.16e-006 ohm-cm, a heat capacity of 0.9 J/g-C, and a thermal conductivity of 209 W/m-K. It is cooled from hot working and artificially aged at elevated temperature.

In terms of providing higher thermal conductivity, the 1050A is the better option. Its thermal conductivity is at 229 W/m-K. This type is used in most cable sheathings because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Another more commonly used type is the 6061. Its heat-resistance capability is at 193 W/m-K.

Aluminum heatsinks rank third in terms of heat productivity, next to copper and silver. However, aside from being the most cost-effective, they are the most “user-friendly”. Due to them being lighter in weight, they are easier to work with than copper and silver based heatsinks.

This is the blog on the Kinetic Die Casting Company web site. We make several types of Aluminum Handle Parts. Look at this website page for more details: www.kineticdiecasting.com/handle.html. Contact Kinetic Die Casting Company at 818-982-9200 or email us at sales@kineticdc.com. Use this webpage to request “die casting part prices” www.kineticdiecasting.com/replyform.html @kineticdc #kineticdc #manufacturing #diecasting #heatsink

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