Jan 202016

Get absolute support from aluminum brackets hardware. Structural integrity is a foremost consideration among architects and engineers in constructing homes and buildings. Aluminum brackets hardware has therefore become a major component in the construction of houses, buildings and other structures. Through the metallurgical process of die casting, the advantages of constructing with aluminum materials have been brought to the fore, leading to the development of various types of brackets such as the multi-purpose servo bracket and angle bracket.

Construction cost can be considerably reduced using aluminum brackets hardware which is cheaper to mass-produce through die-casting. This process involves pouring molten aluminum into molds that could be designed into specifically designed shapes or cavities. Holes for instance could be designed into the die casts so that machining cost for brackets is done away with.

As important, aluminum brackets hardware could even be manufactured stronger than steel brackets. Strengthening ribs and radii can be designed into the aluminum die casts resulting in stronger brackets. Pieces need not be joined together as in die casting the aluminum brackets hardware are already produced in net shapes, doing away with welding of parts which could fail with the passage of years. The load factor is also enhanced with aluminum brackets as these are lighter than steel.

This light weight yet sturdy characteristic of aluminum has been put to advantage in the aircraft industry. For instance, the Boeing 747-700 airplanes employ die cast aluminum brackets hardware in their seat back tray tables, providing absolute support to passengers’ in-flight meals or laptop computers of itinerant business executives.

Die Casting Handle Part
Die Casting Handle Parts

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes aluminum die castings as Die Casting Aluminum Brackets. As a Die Casting Company, we make these parts every day and ship thousands of these aluminum die castings every week.
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