Feb 202013

Plastic Parts Injected Molded | Plastic Comparison

Similarities Of Plastic Injection Molded Parts and Aluminum Die Casting Parts. Plastic injection molding and aluminum die casting are similar in a lot of ways:

  • Both require a die, a mold or tooling to produce parts.
  • The dies or tooling costs are very similar in both industries.
  • Both processes inject material with pressure into a mold or die to make parts.
  • Both processes can make a few parts, hundreds of parts or thousands of parts every day.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

  • Plastic parts are produced at a lower temperature than aluminum parts, plastic melts at only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit
  • Plastic Parts weigh less than aluminum die casting parts.
  • Plastic is not typically biodegradable
  • Plastic parts require metal inserts to hold a thread for screws.
  • Plastic does not block EMI/RF waves
  • Plastic Parts are not as strong.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

  • Aluminum die casting parts are stronger than plastic but aluminum parts weigh more than plastic injection molded parts.
  • Aluminum parts are produced in only one color and need paint or powder coat for color. Aluminum can be polished or anodized.
  • Aluminum naturally shields EMI/RF waves to protect electronic circuits.
  • Holes can be die casted in the parts and directly threaded into the aluminum parts.
  • Features can be machined into aluminum and the part remains strong.
  • Aluminum has great thermal transference properties and is used for heat sinks.
  • Aluminum is a natural conductor of electricity and can be e-coated or used as an electrical ground for electronics.
  • Aluminum material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily when done. Die casting materials are all recycled materials that were alloyed into a die casting aluminum alloy. All aluminum alloys (360, 380, 383, and 413) are made from recycled materials.

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